Posted on 27-Nov-2018

The Resilience Academy

Forest Immersion Technique To Boost Resilience

08-Dec-2018 – 08-Dec-2018
Forest Immersion Technique For Resilience We are all Natural Born Biophiliacs and I promise you that while there’s limited wi-fi in the forests, you will find the connection you seek. Simply following Thom Yorke’s advice and: “go outside into Nature,” is all Shinrin-Yoku means, because denying our instincts to do just that leads to imbalance and impacts wellbeing. For any parents suffering kids playing Fortnite – this may be what you’re looking for. Forest Immersion Technique may sound a bit strange but could not be simpler and requires no equipment, techniques or anything other than an open mind and willingness to go outdoors whatever the weather. You’re not going to be expected to do anything odd like pulling a Bear Grylls or whip up a bivouac using two sticks and a butter knife, but you are encouraged to drink deeply of the pure beauty that surrounds you and find it nourishing and balancing. Believe me, your cells will be sighing in relief. Nature is cheaper than therapy and forest immersion has in the past 20 years become a cornerstone of healthcare in Japan and South Korea, with abundant hard scientific evidence to show its benefits on mental and physical health. Stress hormone levels fall, we feel again our connection to the earth. More info in link. 2nd and 4th Saturday of each month in Guildford, Surrey Bespoke programmes can be arranged to suit.