Posted on 06-Dec-2018

The Resilience Academy

Random Dialogues Stand Up For Yourself Night Open Mic

12-Dec-2018 – 12-Dec-2018
A Random Dialogues Open Mic Fun Event Giving YOU a Powerful Voice, Boosting Confidence & Courage You may be asking: 'But the thought of standing up and speaking terrifies me, should I still come?' 'If I come along, will I have to speak?' The answer to both is you don't have to stand up and speak, come along and enjoy a range of random talks from our community. If you feel you would like to stand up and then let us know when the time is right for you. What is a Random Dialogues Open Mic Night? 4 speakers talking for 10 minutes on a random subject of their choosing plus, this can take the form of Q&A, sitting down or standing up. Each talk will enlighten us with something interesting and amusing or maybe plain informative. We can either provide a Q&A platform for you to speak which for some is more comfortable, or we will provide speaker training. We are also looking at recording talks to share on our YouTube channel and Podcasts. Perhaps you have a talk you would like to practice or would like to work with us to help you shape it. This event is all about reciprocal support and community and definitely Socialising. was set up as a ‘soft network’ to give participants a voice and an opportunity to connect and collaborate with others about their passions and to provide support to match its community’s needs. Connecting powerful tools for self-organisation, passion, strength, choice and engagement to our Random Dialoguers.